That yank is here!

Please introduce yourself and share what makes you faithless or faithful.
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That yank is here!

Post by theropod »

Found y’all! Nice to see things shift so smoothly.

In case y’all don’t know, I’m a retired vertebrate paleontologist living off grid in the Arkansas portion of the Ozark mountains for the last 21 years. We, wife of 30 years and I, do not agree with the political leaning of the “elite”, conservatives that happen to be in power ATM in this state..

Summer is almost over, whew above normal temperatures for the past month, and another winter looms. Hard to believe when the Air Conditioner is running full tilt, but there is a limited number of days it can get to over 100°F (+37° C). The days are noticeably shorter than a month ago. It may be October before it cools down, but the promise of fall is in the air and I love it
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Re: That yank is here!

Post by Irrev-Black »

Very pleased to see that neither entropy nor weather have gotten you yet!

This humble place is better for your presence.
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Re: That yank is here!

Post by Loki »

Hi Therepod.

The snakes are starting to move here. Looking like an early and hot summer.
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Re: That yank is here!

Post by wolty »

Hey!!!! :D :D :D
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