Refusing service based on religious beliefs

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Refusing service based on religious beliefs

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I really didn't think this was a thing in Australia, however it apparently is;

Registered nurse refused contraceptives at chemist;
The following day, a man who claimed to be the co-owner of the pharmacy called her to apologise for her experience and explained the pharmacy does not stock any contraception because of “religious beliefs”.

“He said they have religious beliefs and don’t provide any contraceptives. He even said, ‘I understand there are other reasons that you may take the oral contraceptive pill but we just don’t supply it here’,” Wendy said.

She added that the man told her that the pharmacist should have never taken the medication off the shelf as it was expiring and with other items intended for disposal and that the initial staff member didn’t realise until another pharmacist intervened.
I mean it was literally sitting on the shelf, but they refused to sell it to her? Really if they don't supply contraceptives why the fuck was it sitting on a shelf in the pharmacy, there's something fishy here, there's much more to this story than has been said here! Maybe "religious reasons" because there was another reason they refused and they it was one that would get them in serious trouble where "religious reasons" will always find a lot of backup from the right wing media and politicians? ... 6dda926362
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